Homemade Apple Pies Freshly Baked at Stowe Farm

Open now! The country store is now open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; up until Thanksgiving. Place your order for a homemade apple pie now to make your Thanksgiving dinner complete!

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Our old time country store is packed full of delicious treats for you and your loved ones and their is no better time to get them then around Thanksgiving! We have all the essential home baked goods for the season including pies, apple crisp, honey, fudge, cookies and more. We also offer a range of other goods such as apple cider, jellies jams, breads, apples, and candies!    








We specialize in apple pies, and September through Thanksgiving our bakeshop ovens are baking non-stop. Our handcrafted pies are available baked, unbaked, and frozen. Please call ahead for orders of 5 or more pies.




The Store wont stay open for much longer so be sure to stop by can get your one of a kind goodies from Stowe Farm!

For more information, call Amy at 508-865-4818 or 508-865-2743, email        

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