Pick your own Pumpkins Straight off the Vine!

There is nothing better then spending a fall day at Stowe Farm picking your own pumpkins!

Here at Stowe Farm we are dedicated to giving you the most authentic fall feeling possible! Sure you could just go down to your local grocery store and buy an already picked, neatly packaged pumpkin, but it just is not the same! Half the fall of carving that perfect Jack-O-Lantern or cooking that special pumpkin pie is the story that goes behind it, and there is no better story to tell then how you picked your very own pumpkin at Stowe Farm. Untitled design

Our Pumpkin patch will be bursting with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes from small sugars to large jack-o-lanterns in mid September. The official first day that the patch will be open will be September 9, 2017. The pumpkin patch will be open every Saturday & Sunday from that point and its hours of operation will be 10am-5pm depending on the weather. 

The pumpkin patch is great fun for young and old people alike, so come on down to Stowe Farm and start making special fall memories you will never forget!