Pick Your Own Apples

Come and pick your own fresh apples right from our trees! We provide everything you need for your picking adventure including orchard assistants to help you find the perfect spot for picking!

Special Orchard Ready This Year!

Along with our regular orchard, we know have a special orchard filled with a late variety of Jona Gold, Candy Crisp, Fuji, and Ida Red! Come pick from our special orchard for two weekends only.

Weekend dates for Special Orchard coming soon! 

Apple Varieties and Availability

Slightly tart. Crisp, very white flesh. Harvest mid September through mid October.Untitled design

More sweet than tart. Harvest late September through mid October.


Sweet, crisp yellow flesh. Harvest early September through early October.


Sweet, crisp & juicy. Harvest late September through early October.


Extra crisp and sweet, all-purpose eating apple. Harvest mid September through mid October.


Slightly tart, crisp & juicy. Harvest early September through early October.



More then just Apples! 

We have much more to offer then just apples! Be sure to check out our attractions page to see all of the fun events we have. 


Thank you all for a great apple season!

See you next year!



1 Peck-10lbs. $20.00

3 People are allowed in with this purchase. Additional people are $3 each.

1/2 Bushel-20lbs. $30.00

5 People are allowed in with this purchase. Additional people are $3 each.

We accept cash or credit card. 


Orchard Etiquette

-Buy appropriate bag from the white tent before entering orchard.

-Pick only from designated trees. Not all varieties are ripe at the same time.

-Fill bag or container flush not heaping, so fruit will not bruise or fall.

-Please eat only fruit you have paid for.

-Place apples into the bag gently, avoid bruising – they will last longer

-Don’t wash apples until just before using to prevent spoilage.

-Keep apples cool to increase shelf life.

-No dogs are allowed in the orchard or the farm area.

-Never leave children unattended.

-Avoid poison ivy.

-Never climb trees, shake or break branches or throw fruit. Simply twist and lift selected fruit. If it is ripe it will pick easily.

-Please stay in designated areas so as not to damage gardens or get hurt.

-Please carry out all trash.

-Don’t waste fruit, please keep what you pick.

-Wash all fruit before you eat it.